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What we do?

SnapVisits aims to build community-driven mechanisms for economic development through entrepreneurship. This is achieved with an initiative that works with schools to implement a program with upper elementary students along with their mothers so that they can develop a business project as a family while the children see how important it is to continue studying. 

How we do it?


The problem

Youth population in rural or urban areas stops developing skills and competencies for a productive life due to school dropout and often this occurs because families do not have enough financial resources to continue supporting their children with their education.

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Through our "Kid's Cap" methodology along with the "Kit Emprende", which can be implemented by Civil Associations, Governments, Educational Institutions or the private sector.


generations graduated

+ 800

trained children

+ 300

Business projects

+ 2,000

impacted people

Kit Emprende program

Who is this program for?

What do they learn ?

  • Children 9 to 12 years old with their mothers.

  • Students 13 to 18 years old.

Students develop competencies such as critical thinking, creativity, communication and collaboration through entrepreneurship while their mothers potentiate their abilities to generate income .

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  • A positive change of mentality of the students regarding school and what they want to be when they grow up.

  • Motivated mothers with a productive project generating income and a methodology that they can apply to any idea.

  • Participants identified problems in their environment and proposed solutions that turned into a business project through a series of missions inside an entrepreneurship kit in a cardboard box.

Time frame

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Entrepreneurs will receive an entrepreneurship kit inside a cardboard briefcase in which they will find 5 missions that they must complete over 6 weeks, during this program they will develop a business project that they will work on as a family.


Kit Emprende

Each time they complete a mission they receive a badge that they must stick in their booklet. At the end of the program with the entrepreneurship fair they win a medal.

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We work with different partners related to: 

  • Science

  • Bakery

  • Programming

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Entrepreneurship Fair

The program ends with a fair where families present business projects in front of the community, managing to strengthen the social fabric in the intervened area.

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Jesús Leyva



YLAI Fellow 2016

Locations impacted

Our methodology in action

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Caso del Municipio de San Luis Potosí

Caso del Municipio de San Luis Potosí

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The United Nations Development Programme in Mexico awarded "Futuros Emprendedores" with the Prize "Transformando México desde lo Local" in the category "Inclusive Economic Recovery" among more than 50 projects from municipal and state governments, the main goal of this prize is to identify innovative programs that coped with the pandemic effects. Futuros Emprendedores operates under the "Kid's Cap Methodology" and the government is using it under a non for profit license. 

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Contact us

Either via email or WhatsApp message


Tel: +52 1 444 623 9787

Are you part of an educational institution, public or private organization?

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