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Kit Emprende

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Program Overview

We sow the seed of entrepreneurship in girls, boys and teenagers as well as their mothers in rural communities by carrying out our entrepreneurship program with which it is not necessary to have access to the internet or mobile devices. We contribute to the development of skills for a productive life from childhood and youth through entrepreneurship as well as encourage mothers to enhance their productive skills and generate income.

Days: Monday and Friday 1 hour each day during 6 weeks 

Prerequisites: Interest and curiosity for learning and creating by yourself. 

Goal: Contribute to the development of skills for a productive life from childhood and youth through entrepreneurship, as well as encourage mothers to enhance their productive skills and generate income.

Learning objectives:


Provide a methodology that students and their mothers can use for any project they develop.


  • Develop skills such as critical thinking, creativity, communication and collaboration.

  • Identify problems and relate them to the Sustainable Development Goals

  • Propose solutions and turn them into business opportunities

Overall description: 


Entrepreneurs will receive an entrepreneurship kit inside a cardboard briefcase in which they will find 5 missions that they must complete over 6 weeks, during this program they will develop a business project that they will work on as a family.

Materials: Entrepreneurship Kit containing Entrepreneur workbook, mission cards, badges, hypotheses funnel, instructions.


Session 1, Monday: Onboarding and mission 1

Session 2, Friday: Mission 1 follow-up

Session 3, Monday: Mission 2

Session 4, Friday: Mission 2 follow-up

Session 5, Monday: Mission 3

Session 6, Friday: Mission 3 follow up

Session 7, Monday: Finance 101 with Slimy

Session 8, Friday: Slimy follow-up

Session 9, Monday: Mission 4

Session 10, Friday: Mission 4 follow up

Session 11, Monday: Mission 5

Session 12, Friday: Mission 5 follow-up


Week 1


Introductory mission: 

  • Introduction to the entrepreneurship program, participants will receive their kits and onboarding to understand objectives, pedagogy, how it is carried out and what they must do.


Mission 1

  • The most important thing for a business is to identify a problem, in this mission entrepreneurs must identify a problem and this can be in their community, in their family, environment, wherever they want. They should write it down and draw the problem in their notebook as well as link it to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


Week 2


Mission 2

  • In the second mission, participants will propose a solution to the problem identified in mission 1 and write it down or draw it in the entrepreneurial notebook. 


Week 3


Mission 3

  • In the third mission, participants will land the solution that they propose in the second mission in order to reach a hypothesis that they will have to validate and repeat the process until they find the one that works.


Week 4

Mission 4

  • In this mission participants will discover how they will earn money with the project that they developed in mission 3. They will create a logo and name for their brand and they will have to test it with real customers to see if their business works or if they need to make any changes.


Week 5

Finance 101 with science 

  • It consists of a science workshop where a semi-solid polymer is manufactured in such a way that the concepts of molecules and polymers are addressed to create a slime mascot and then introduce finance topics when costing the product and packaging it while we cover aspects such as buying, budgeting, accounting, packing, brand name and logo. ​


Week 6 


Mission 5 

  • In this last mission, participants will present their business idea as well as their  learnings throughout the program. This last mission ends up with an entrepreneurship fair where entrepreneurs will be able to show their projects.

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